Welcome to Erie Disc Golf .com.

I discovered disc golf with my family on a trip to Kiawah Island, SC in July, 2012. They have a nine-hole disc golf course there, we borrowed some discs, threw ’em around, and had a blast.

We returned to Erie, I bought several beginner sets of discs, and… discovered that Erie is a dead zone for disc golf, with the nearest courses 45 minutes or more away!

So I did some research. I found other sites. I learned that there are over 3,500 disc golf courses (and growing) in the United States alone. I learned that many disc golf courses are found in parks and other publicly owned land, making disc golf one of the least expensive sports there are, and one of the most appealing to a wide audience, too. A top-tier disc golf course costs less to install than a single tennis or basketball court, players can range in age from 4 to 84 (or older!), and you can get started with a single disc for $8 to $10!

So, my goals are simple:

  • Use this site to promote disc golf in Erie, PA to local city or township governments to have a course (or a few!) built nearby.
  • Use this site as the home for the “Erie Disc Golf Club” (or whatever we call it) once we have a place to play!

Join me! How? Start by checking this site fairly frequently, and by liking our page on Facebook.