Winter Indoor Putting League

We’re looking to start an indoor putting league in the area in early January, 2017. For details, please visit our Facebook page. If you have any ideas… please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Spring League at Behrend

We’re excited to have a spring/summer/fall league at Penn-State Behrend’s course. As we get into March and April, we’ll coordinate the details with the Athletics Department and campus police.

4 thoughts on “Leagues

  1. Moving to the area from Wisconsin, ran the dg club for University of Wisconsin Madison. Would love to get in on some putting league or regular rounds in the area

  2. Been playing DG since 94 in Pittsburgh at Knob Hill and helped develop, install and maintain the Moraine, Deer Lakes and Linbrook courses. While attending from 97-01, we used to set up our own temp baskets in the ath fields. Great to see we finally have a permanent one at Behrend. Please post any leagues that anyone would want to start. Here’s a start: Wed nights at 6PM

  3. Is there a schedule of Erie disc golf events? Any local singles or doubles games? Someone told me about Tuesday rounds at Behrend. Does anyone know what time those start?

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