Erie, PA Disc Golf Club

Erie Needs a Disc Golf Course

Did you know that disc golf is one of the fastest growing recreational activities and sports in the United States?

And yet, in Erie, we’re being left behind once again. The United States is home to over 3,500 (and growing!) disc golf courses, yet the nearest 18-hole disc golf course to us is located in Ashtabula, OH!

Disc golf can be enjoyed by people of all ages. A top-tier course can be installed for less than the cost of a single basketball or tennis court. It’s fun, it’s easy, and you can start playing with a single disc that costs as little as $8!

I hope to use this site first to promote disc golf in Erie, PA until a course (or several!) are built, then to use this site as the Erie Disc Golf Club home page.

You can help. Follow this site, check back for updates (particularly look at the blog, as this home page might not change too often) and click “Like” on the page below. We’re on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter, too, at @EriePADiscGolf.